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A Poem


Sixteen candles

Sixteen Heart breaks

Sixteen Birthday cakes

Sixteen ways to show you care

Sixteen dollars for bus fare

I want to get away

I want to be alone

I want to remember when the moon shone so bright

The light of our Love

But I am sixteen now

I am tired of your games

I am no longer the same girl you knew yesterday

For I have changed

When you held my hand I thought for sure it was true

Especially when you said "I love you."

I look into your eyes, those eyes I now despise

And thought fairy tales were true because my happily ever after was with you

The book of my life now had its Prince Charming

Little did I know he would be harming me

My heart and soul filled with disgust

Gossip, lies, and distrust

When I look at you

You are a reminder of what was

Do you think about what that does?

Days of waiting in my gown

Wanting to feel the crown on my head

To be someone's Princess

Someone's Queen

What you did was down right mean

It hurt like a kick to the spleen

Even an apology can not erase what you did to me

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Ashley B
Ashley B
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