Six Lessons On...

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Authenticity and the Pitfalls of ‘Rushing into Normality’

Six Lessons On...

I: The Virtues & Dangers of ‘Cleaning’


You laugh as if in a warning

a giant telling a whole village to run

You laugh in confidence as if to signal-fire

your sleeping dragon's sweeping return

Sweeping... all images in this one word coming to mean

the need to go on cleaning away many things, but accepting none as they are

Swept off on the wings of dragon-ego,

and on the whims of a broom and dust bin attitude

"There are two types of cleaning" says the sage

"Cleaning for the sake of cleaning, and cleaning for the sake of cleansing.

Both are as equally useful and necessary as they can be malicious and idiotic."

“There is the form of cleaning all too often used to scold others,

and oneself, into quiet submission...

‘I don't like your scars, get rid of them’

or a more catching catch-phrase,

catching phrases like a cat catches a moth,

unwilling to sit and watch it fly"

‘All dirty things must go…'

‘All dirty things must go’ says the cleaner

looking at a wild forest, standing in its sovereign-mess

you immediately compare it to an unkempt room of an idiot wild child...

Is this how your settler parents treated your inner forest

when they tried to colonize your soul?

This is ‘cleaning’ of the worst kind”

“You think the rotten log from an ancient oak no sage

even though it speaks its wisdom through the beetles, the worms and the one spider that sits,

spinning web like a grandmother sits spinning yarn

There are such tales that are told every day, but you must sit and listen”

Old trees dying not from the vines that tangle down, but from their own age

they invite the vines to help them die

The fungi, like roving parades of white and brown umbrellas

come in question marks, peppering the floor with "would you please spare me?

Would you please not stomp on me? I have particles and nutrients to collect and

give to my neighbors."

Toxic flowers folding in and out, proudly declaring their beauty yet saying

"be careful not to pluck me for your stomach, or for your collection"

This is a whole community of odd attitudes, motives, and function

seeming separate but always intertwined somehow…

Follow the roots of pain and delight, joy and sorrow held deep within your own heart

follow them as if a mole digs a mile to find himself not more lost,

but more found in the oddest places

Poke your nose up from the dark and sniff the air, little darling velvet man

Is it ever so different as from where you were before?

Follow these inner tunnels

They lead to such places, the undiscovered country,

held deep in others

This rodent wisdom, clearing away the clutter enough so you can move, act and speak freely

This is cleaning of the best kind

There may be reeds growing where one's prize roses ought to be

You think them all uninvited and accosting the world of its hidden beauty

look closer...

you'll find that it's hidden beauty you are unable to accept

not unable to see

Model your gardening, my dear, not on weed killer instinct

Cultivate yourself and others as if you were all gardens to be nurtured and regrown

Parts of you die as you become the seasons

Same parts are resurrected to be used, steamed, cooked and chewed again

II: Proper Growth, Patience & Learning from Sacred Slowness


Oh what were these exciting prospects, promised by those who would grant you

perfection, progress for the sake of progress?

How can one know the essence, the beauty of the process if they rush through it?

If it is true that time is relative, subjective and everchanging...

Is this not true for those who would use both rabbit and turtle time,

to measure different modes of growth?

The turtle "rushes on" in its own idea of speed according to its inner nature

it does not waste time measuring its worth to the rabbit or the rabbit's feet

or feeling worm-in-the-gut guilt for carrying its own house upon its back

The rabbit could be the wiser to calm itself and hop beside the turtle

And the turtle could mind its own journey, never admonishing the rabbit’s life of speed and agility

For if indeed the rabbit has a good reason to make a swift exit, let it be so,

its own rush-dust that it leaves behind may sting the turtle’s face

The turtle can shake this off, and keep trundling amongst the lettuce patch

“It is best, in so many ways and at so many times,” the sage says again,

“to converse and ‘take tea’ with those who may annoy or infuriate you

Oddly enough, you gain perspective by limiting yourself, or rather,

your sense of self

in small ways, modest ways, humble ways”

Yet in doing this dance, in being a shaman of gaining perspective and empathy

don't abandon your inner nature

in order to please others

And here the turtle and rabbit come back to mind…

If the turtle is clamped down on the rabbit’s backside, saying “don’t leave without me!”

Or indeed saying “where do you think you’re going?”,

the rabbit must shove off and run…

Yet equally foolish is the rabbit hastening to move the turtle faster

by dragging it in a net saying, “c’mon c’mon, pick yourself up, you stupid thing!”

Both suffer and resent each other…

Once again, if the rabbit is to be somewhere, and the turtle likewise

Each should part with present company, as two gentlemen part from having tea

The rabbit leaves without needing an excuse to race its companions

And the turtle leaves without expecting others of a faster nature to always slow down

III: Finishing Up A Cup of Wine, Making Sure it Isn’t Poison


All seems to be married in harmony until…

Suddenly, here pops up, with an ugly head, a reasoning lethargic

mean, unyielding, and somewhat toppling off itself

yet bearing and wielding a painful truth-sword in its claw

It says as what was said from many good-intention mouths before it,

“growth for the sake of growth is odious, a miscarriage of will. It is the same primal drive of an

unthinking, unyielding cancer cell!”

This is true…

And yet false…

Growth for the sake of growth, can be a process equally divine as that of the process of

going back to earth, going back to god

Growth for the sake of growth can be applied to the caterpillar that must, by all means, reason and

inner nature, free itself from its all too familiar cocoon

Sometimes a bed is a prison…sometimes a prison is a bed

Yet the caterpillar took its time to free itself…it took stock of the seasons, while taking stock of reasons

to grow and sleep, sleep and grow at its own pace…

Growth for the sake of growth, is not always the mindset of a growth

IV: Seedling Logic


“Here’s another proverb…” the sage might recite from one wiser than he;

“Such truths cannot always be picked or gathered, easily like nuts n fruit

So often such truths will plan to present themselves when we are distracted or asleep

Anticipating themselves as great trunks, they fall into our laps like excited seeds,

dropping from heaven, from the branches and canopy, of an unseen all knowing,

all embracing, mother tree”

Remember when you were a seed?

You had such dreams, wants and needs

But in the realm of being human,

every moment is you, reaping and sowing, watering and growing

yourself and your life like a seed

V: Truth Hiding Inside Itself


"Look! The truth lying in wait! Hurry, before you fall on your back again!"

What would the sages walking slowly up the mountain say?

“Bah! The truth is nowhere to be seen. Forget it all and just lie down for eternity.”

Again, what would the sages walking slowly up the mountain say?

Truth is such that you cannot always catch it or contain it

like you would think to catch or contain lightning

in a butterfly net

Because truth itself, in all its infinite glory, is messy and not always clear

It is hiding inside itself

It folds into itself like origami, it contradicts itself then compliments itself

like moss contradicts then compliments a rock

“I still grow here”, it says “even though I may be soft and wet, catching and holding rain and dew,

and while you sit in an ancient silence and roughness I cannot understand,

this is a dear companionship, and I am grateful to be here with you”

Truth also disguises itself among crowds of cackling crows…

only when they fly at the sound of your cries

do you realize…

truth is the crowd, and the sound of a crowd of cackling crows!

VI: The Wine Was Never Poisoned to Begin With


A wise man once said

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions"

And so, please let your intentions and motives be marked by wisdom

not mocked by it

Bless those who cannot always run or crawl as you might be able to

Honor those who speak in different tongues, expressions and inflections,

We are all visitors and guests wearing different masks, casting different shadows,

showing different reflections

Brace yourself for winds of arrogance or stench of indolence

Walk away from such things if they never seem to improve with you there

Sometimes the forest must sort out its own overgrowth with a cleansing fire

It will be reborn

like the way you are reborn in your own heart

When cleaning out nonsense to find truth

take time to walk in your own birthright to simply be

simply breathe…

Continue to clean and cleanse with good intent

If the form is not out of love for another

or a wholesome, humbled self-appraisal

abandon the method and walk amongst the reeds again

For they will whisper truths to you

that you were unable to grasp before

How does it work?
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