Sink or Swim

by Kay Williams about a year ago in sad poetry


Sink or Swim
Art by @billsafi on instagram

Crying on the bathroom floor again

Head spinning, feels like caving in

But I'm alright... not really.

I feel a little silly, pacing back and forth here

Head-still-spinning my brain is just too god damn busy.

I mean like... why cant I do anything right?

All I am going to really do is fucking apologize

Apologize for crying and hurting and dropping my toothbrush for the 6th god damn time!

I'm getting too ahead of myself

I do that often

At times I tend to overthink and no longer want to swim I just float then debate if I should sink.







But soon, the thoughts will flood again.

I am worried someday my brain will cause waves that will be followed by a natural disaster.

Something I /think/ I am prepared but /know/ I am not ready for.

Cant explain how much I hate crying on the bathroom floor. But the bathroom floors have sorta become my bestfriends over the years. They soak up my salty, mascara filled tears. .

sad poetry
Kay Williams
Kay Williams
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