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Sinister Yesterdays

Yesterdays shape our minds like clay, a potter with an eye for every detail

By Kris LelielPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Sinister Yesterdays
Photo by Tasha Jolley on Unsplash

I wish yesterday would fade into

the silence of the unknown;

that same silence preventing futures

from revealing life's secrets.


Yesterdays shape our minds like clay,

a potter with an eye for every detail;

those same details we purposely forgot

so we can wish for a kinder tomorrow.


I wish today's darkness, created by darker yesterdays,

trapped me and time in stillness;

that same stillness that preserves agony with memory,

yet neglects the joy we preserve with mementos.


If the lessons of those many yesterdays

delivered their harsh wisdom in gentleness;

that same gentleness that's nonexistent, yet wished for,

I'm sure today, tomorrow, and later would pick up the slack

just to become more sinister yesterdays.

By Jossuha Théophile on Unsplash

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Kris Leliel

Kris Leliel is a strange writer who posts about the occult and spirituality, goth stuff, horror, creative writing, mental health, and her own creative ventures. She has a Masters in Liberal Studies and a BA in English & Psychology.

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  • Hamza Shafiqabout a year ago

    interesting read

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