Silent As Death

by Kylee Cheyanne 4 months ago in sad poetry


Silent As Death


Silent as death,

I watch you fall apart.

I hide in the shadows,

As you cry out in pain.

My heart screams for you,

But I hold myself back.

I close my eyes,

Remembering that day.

The day you abandoned me…

Silent as death,

I stand behind you.

I look down at you,

Wanting to hold you close.

My hand reaches out to you,

But that day flashes before my eyes.

The day you gave up on me…

Silent as death,

I lean close to your ear.

Your sobs fill my head…

I close my eyes,

I place my hand on your shoulder.

You tense up,

But yet you still cry.

“Never again.” I whisper…

Silent as death,

I brush one last kiss on your head.

I leave before you could turn,

To let you feel the pain that you have caused.

Silent as death,

My heart shatters in my chest.

Leaving me to be the one to cry,

To feel impossible.

But that day filled my head,

Making me feel no remorse for you.

The day you told me that you no longer loved me…

Silent as death,

I became death itself.


sad poetry
Kylee Cheyanne
Kylee Cheyanne
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