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Shut Down

by Shauna Houser 2 years ago in social commentary
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There goes the Neighborhood

Shut Down
Photo by Jose Fontano on Unsplash

They closed the Friendly’s down the street from me

Just quietly shut and barred the doors

Boarded the windows

and I never even realized

Another childhood remnant - Gone

Memories of rainbow sorbet sundaes

with Mom-mom on Sunday afternoons

Late-night snacks with high school pals

Now, another empty building

decays on the side of the road

Another victim of circumstance

just like all the others

Painted-over signs

Empty lots in the middle of the day

How long will it remain this way

until something new moves in

Or maybe it stays shut forever

like so many others forgotten by Time

and Change

The ever-shifting whims

of humanity

social commentary

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Shauna Houser

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