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Should we live like a kid...

by Manthan 7 months ago in performance poetry
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Once see their life, should we live it.

Should we live like a kid,

Who's shoulder from load is free,

What he want to do, he is free,

Less mind, light heart and tiny body,

What is to do? Smile, laugh and enjoy,

Is something too serious?

Maximum! A silly reason and cry.

Is something of fear and worry?

Maximum, what can happen!

Maybe, by own shadow

must have been frighten.

Should we live like a kid,

Who's day begins and ends simply,

What work has? Only has a ball,

From small things has gaiety,

And with small reason has to cry loudly.

Has to engage in own, has to change expression,

Walk like flying, sit and sleep like king,

Own work also not to do like patient.

Should our life be like this.

Should we live like a kid,

Loudly cry for a toy,

Gain without any effort,

Should we get busy,

In smiling, laughing, enjoying,

Should we do this, live like kid,

Oh! Baby! My god! So uncanny thinking,

But thought is good,

should we live like a kid.

performance poetry

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loving, living, chilling, relaxing, enjoying life,.... I am full crazy and bizarre 😍🥰😜😝. I read and write poems - poetry. And in rest of time I 🤔🙄🤭🤫🥱.

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