She Is...

by Erin Barron 6 months ago in sad poetry

Dark thoughts run through her mind

She Is...

She Is-

Dark thoughts run through her mind

Her heart's marked till the end of time

She's grown cold

But tonight there's no one to hold

Her life's a mess

She wonders if she'll survive the test

Barely alive

Her wounds run deep

She tries to keep one step ahead

Her head's hardly above this troubled heap

On the edge her feelings creep

A leap of faith is hard to make

Her spirit's weak from God's seven year streak

Down on her knees

Afraid to speak

Her head's held low

She's feeling meek

The odds are against her

She swallows hard

She's not proud

Whispers are loud

Head's in the clouds

Idea's sneak in

Her future's bleak

All the way through next week

Past mistakes haunt her so

Maimed by shame

Her negative thoughts

They can't be tamed

Why is she such an unlovable dame

Her heart beats fast

She puts on a mask

Tears still flow like starlight glows

Dark shadows cast

She knows the task

She's trying hard to hide her past

She remembers when time was kind

Her innocence shined

Never questioning the author of all times

Good and bad come and go

But not this time

She hates the show

Knowing that life has no rhyme

You can't change your story for a hundred dimes

She is forever one step behind

She is

She is

She is

sad poetry
Erin Barron
Erin Barron
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