She Is Not Human

Let’s Not Treat Her That Way

She Is Not Human

The world is silent but it shouldn’t be

The warmer climate is causing catastrophes

Wealthy people who could fix it pretend they don’t see

We need to work as one or we’ll no longer be

But that’s not the sad part, no

Humans deserve to go

We are the sorrow in the raging flames

The ones that are burning mothers nature’s sacred name

We are the tidal waves crashing in to her grave

This will continue and she’ll never be the same

We are the reason wildlife is going extinct

This wouldn’t happen if all we did was think about more than just people

The universe used to be in sync,

but we made it lethal

And the consequences began to link

and now we’re stuck with the mess we made

Politicians wear a barren face

Just like where the smoke escapes

They only care about one place

And it’s wherever they can make money

Our fate is running like the animals, away from us

Our time is crumbling like the ice caps because we touched more than what was ours

A president who laughs because that’s what he does

We’re all prisoners of our past because we have fallen in to the trap of world full of manmade crap that in fact ends up in nature’s path

We’re all to blame in the her death

We should be ashamed but not enough of us care

She’s the only one that makes sane yet for her we haven’t been there

And just like us, when we crave attention we seek it and oh god she’s mentioned that she needs it

Why are we full of questions like she’ll deceive it?

She’s not human

And we shouldn’t treat her that way

She has nothing but love to pay

Will we even see tomorrow day?

Will she survive or will we both decay?

We’ve been fed lies and the truth is just now coming out

But I think it’s too late

She’s already given in to our doubt

She’s cried for far too long

...her tears finally dried on their own

nature poetry
Ecarg Nosive
Ecarg Nosive
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Ecarg Nosive

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