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She Didn't Belong There...

by Jessie Phoenix Sky 7 days ago in sad poetry

A sneak peek of a current project.

It wasn't the darkness that scared her

but how comfortable she felt in it.

It was familiar, almost as if it were home to her,

And it comforted her but she wouldn't admit it.

She didn't belong there...

And he was there,

Further in the darkness than she.

She couldn't help but stare,

He was dangerous and beautiful and free.

She didn't belong there...

His eyes never lefts hers, setting her soul on fire.

His crooked smile sent shivers up her spine,

and all she could feel was desire.

It would only take her walking in a straight line.

She didn't belong there...

More than anything she wanted to join him,

But his eyes darkened as he shook his head at her.

The air thickened and the darkness turned grim,

as he pointed his finger at her.

She didn't belong there...

She could hear his voice in her mind,

and suddenly she was all too aware,

That he had been talking to her the whole time,

Telling her that she didn't belong there.

sad poetry
Jessie Phoenix Sky
Jessie Phoenix Sky
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Jessie Phoenix Sky

Hello! You can call me J.P. I’ve been writing stories since 2008 and have 25+ books that I am working to publish. I hope you enjoy my imagination and fall in love with the characters and worlds that I’ve created.

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