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She Believed

by Tina Sadberry 4 days ago in sad poetry

She Rose Part 2

She Believed
Photo by Arun Prakash on Unsplash

She believed…

What does she believe?

Does she believe in faith?

Does she even know what it means to have faith?


No, she never had faith

She never knew what faith meant

To put it quite simple, she didn’t know what to believe

As long as tomorrow was promised

And the day after that

And the day after that

Why did her faith have to come from a religion?

Why did her belief have to be of a religion?

She had faith that she see the light of tomorrow

Once she allowed herself to believe that there was a future


Future you’re harming her emotions

You’re exhausting her physical body

You’re draining her soul

For all these experiences having come to pass


OH, dear Future

What does thou have in store for her?

sad poetry

Tina Sadberry

An urban city girl that is a huge fan of anime, a cat mom, and at times loves to be adventurous by taking on new challenges. Also, a girl that loves food and her naps! I have always found writing is an easy and natural form of expression.

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