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Shackles and Swords

by soraya smith 11 months ago in social commentary

written by: Soraya Smith

Black men stripped of pride

Been, hung on the tree veranda and more.

A burden you carry forever more

Stuck in the history of shackles and sword

Women we carry the burdens of this,

listen have you learned we supported you

Healed your wounds, carried your children in our belly’s and delivered them from our wounds.

Yet you beat us and break us down like the master beat you Are you any better? Than the man that whipped and hosed you?

You carry his venom in your blood

You prey on what you think is weak and call it love!

You say you are strong but your narcissistic being proves you wrong.

So bound by the shackles of history’s wrong

Forgot about us , we women are the strong,

We carried your burdens of what is wrong; Raped by your words ,Beat by your hands we overcame

Shackles of sword. The sword is man

Chained by a curse not black or white

Cut with the sword, the sword is life.

Can’t heal a world of a shackled life

Play games tell lies think it’s okay

Um, Until you see me walking away

See I was there but you couldn’t see

But now no shackle or sword can bind me because


Let go the hatred of a saddened life

social commentary

soraya smith

just a woman who wants to express my god given talents stepping out of my shell and comfort zone to express my art .

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