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Sertraline Siren

by Stephan A Harris 10 months ago in love poems

The Sweetest of Poisons


Fascinating siren, your song melts my heart, and the wax of in my ear. No seafarer's ship, mast over stern in your chaos, compares with a taste of your kiss. So a captain of sound mind, would be happy to drown in its nectar; Let all the world navies collapse.

A madness exciting. Auburn hair frazzled. Screaming of Sex. Laughter a chorus of wonder, soothing the saddening mire. A warming light for my ink blotted heart. How quickly the wind does change you. You cry for acceptance, gritting your teeth, trying to prove you are valid.

Engaged. Beautiful. Worth it.

To become a true mirror, and reflect to you all I behold, I would barter my own handsome guise. Who could abandon such a gem to the coal-bed? No less leave you feeling at fault, and the victim. A double bind of suffering. An infinite loop, only you can unravel.

A sharp witted tongue with a hint of vulgarity, tempered by sweetness and a yearning to teach. Why labour to earn validation, from men who stole off in the night? I see you through diamonds, dancing with passionate stars. They are the least you deserve.

A perfect cup of tea to wake you, my lips between your legs. Naked breakfasts and random playlists. Sun-washed fringes of constant drawn curtains. Billow and dance in the breeze to birdsong. In bed for the day, the world shut away, from our silk woven Eden.

Dismissing those boys just as fast as you claim them, before they have chance to depart. Chasing on the trail of your fathers before. Do not fear rejection, for those who reject true beauty are afraid they cant tame it. Evermore to be tamed.

Run wild in self-adoration. You have years left to flower.

love poems

Stephan A Harris

From Lake Oswego, Oregon I write poetry inspired by the places I've visited around the world and my experiences there. Also working on resources to help other writers and some erotic fiction.



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Stephan A Harris
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