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Serenity Thoughts 1: Have a Nap

Take time to find your serenity today.

By Sarjé HaynesPublished 5 years ago 1 min read

When you are feeling overwhelmed,

Sometimes the best thing to do is rest.

Perhaps you think there is not time.

You have time for this.

Set a timer for twenty minutes.

Twenty minutes just for you.

Lie back and allow your body to relax into the surface below.

Imagine you are lying on a bed of moss, soft and embracing.

Take a deep breath.

Feel the coolness of the air flowing into your lungs.

Feel the soothing persistence of breath,

Like waves brought to shore and back to sea.

Exhale the warmth of your decision to take this time,

Just for you.

You will find your eyes closing, and that's OK.

It feels good to sink into the moss.

When your thoughts come, acknowledge them.

Visualize your thoughts as clouds of many colors.

As you exhale, imagine you blow the clouds into the clear skies.

Watch them drift away as you allow yourself to rest.


About the Creator

Sarjé Haynes

Sarjé is a painter and writer living in Kalapuya ancestral territory. You can learn more about her at http://sarje.art.

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    Sarjé HaynesWritten by Sarjé Haynes

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