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A poem dedicated to my first, lost love.

By Alyssa "Lefty" P.Published 2 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

It was never so bad

It was actually the greatest

You were all I ever had

I needed you like my favorite playlist

Every morning you kissed me awake

Every night your smile

Was enough to heal my violent heartbreak:

I knew we had to stay there a while

In that infinite space & time

We shared

every time you held my hand

I knew you were my man

And You were my biggest fan

Even if everyday, for you, I wasn’t there

Our love was based on friendship,

Pure innocence

I can’t believe I took this long to write about you

I guess it’s because all the times you turned me away after I left your heart to break

Made me grow sour about you

But I will always carry you deep in my heart

And from me, that you can’t fake

So what if I f*cked up

A few times

At least I lucked up

When I met you, now I’m writing these rhymes

Just to tell you

That I will never stop loving you

Or wishing you were here:

& when my pops left to heaven

I shed endless, salty tears

Thinking of how much he loved you

& now you won’t even come near.

Where ever you are,

Even if you’re far

Just know that I’ll never turn you away

& I hope you hear this loud & clear.

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About the Creator

Alyssa "Lefty" P.

28 year-old NuYoRican from Spanish Harlem who has a passion for writing, learning, achieving peace, faith, and empowering others. I've established a career as an educator and career counselor for over five years. Instagram: @alyssaleftyp

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