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by Mark Jazz Nelson 4 years ago in inspirational

The worst cuts are the ones we cannot see.

We harm ourselves, daily, weekly, monthly,

Interestingly we do not bleed,

Rather we ache and radiate pain from inside,

At times, so much so, we want concede,

We want to give in, We want to give up,

Wishing the discomfort and pain would stop,

We fight on however, resisting this very notion,

Constantly without end, at times for days on the trot,

The irony eludes us, we cannot see the blade,

For it is guided by our very own hand,

It sweeps and stabs, making the deepest of cuts,

Ignorant are we, because it was not intentionally planned.

The blade cannot simply be put aside,

Not dropped nor thrown away,

It is a tool to be utilized by us,

To carve a path to a brighter day,

Just like anything else,

Its misuse can cause nothing but damage,

Just like the difference between a surgeon and a murderer,

One saves lives, while the other creates carnage,

We harm ourselves daily, weekly, monthly,

Interestingly we do not bleed,

The living blade wielded by us,

Can no longer harm us, if we wield it differently.


Mark Jazz Nelson

My aim is to inspire, motivate and show different perspectives through my writing.

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