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Self Doubt

A poem

By Rachel PrettPublished 4 years ago 1 min read

How do I know

I'm telling the truth

When I cry out?

How do I know

I haven't fabricated

All of it

To soothe my broken soul?

How do I know

That I really am

Considering all the options

And not just calling myself


How do I know

That I'm not fooling myself

And that I'm really here?

How do I know

The habits and thoughts

I've claimed to harbor on

Are really as things are?

How do I know

It isn't my fault?

That I couldn't

Have done better?

How do I know

That the path I've chosen

Is the right path

When so m,any

Tell me it's wrong?

sad poetry

About the Creator

Rachel Prett

I'm a poet and a fiction writer. I can write quite decent essays, but I'd rather tell stories of the heart and speak with my whole soul.

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    Rachel PrettWritten by Rachel Prett

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