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By LenrocTheDirector Published 4 months ago 1 min read
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This is if I were to say, if I truly gave a hey.

You said you loved me , and I was supposed to say, show me how that sound out loud, as you say it loud and proud ! While you was bending down… damn what a fool now , o well.


See now,

it’s not like I forgot about you however you said:

I was stuck on a ex,

the same ex I left on read in a text.

The same ex that annoys me every time they speak outside they neck,

The same ex that tried crawling back & I said ahat ahat!

scrolling thru my phone with no index, so no,

I won’t be on ya ass, taking you to class,

making sure ya hearts content, filled with laughs,

while I blow thru bags just to keep ya ass. I have seen this before.

Anyways I still did tho, even tho I wasn’t the head of your board yo, I kept going to give you more, head to toe, as we sparked with no fronto.

With no purpose, it’s treason, same reason that almost made you stop breathing!


See now,

I lost my track, thought If I make it rhyme then it will all connect,

apparently you didn’t know how to act, now you secretly wishing & wanting me back,

cause no other being you encountered would treat you like that.


How I did, how I caressed ya body in bed, & didn’t even ask you for head,

made you want to do it more,

didn’t see the opening of the door,

when you told me come to explore and

see more….

love poems

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I am the soul of this body✨,

FMOT: _Lenroc22

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