Sea Glass

A Poem

Sea Glass

Half-buried in the coarse sand,

mostly submerged under a sheen of foam

constantly renewed by the now gentle, now violent

lapping or crashing of the waves,

a glimmer of pale, translucent green

catches the sun’s rays and it sparkles.

It used to be harsh, jagged,

but time and the water together

have taken their toll,

and what once was ugly,

a fragment of trash thrown out,

perhaps once part of a bottle

used to drown the sorrows

of some poor soul—that trash

has now smoothed, has turned

into something soft,

into a delicate reminder

that beauty is in everything.


This poem is the third in a collection of four. If you liked this poem, please check out more at my website here! The first in this collection is only available on my own website. You can also find me on Facebook @HeardWords, Twitter @N8HeardWords, and Pinterest @HeardWords.

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Nathan Heard

I'm 20 years old, working on my sixth novel and publishing poetry and short stories in the meantime!

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