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by Amiya Gaston 10 months ago in fact or fiction
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Painted Reality

I know this story

I have heard it before

Was it a dream

Or a simple metaphor

The same line

Every time

Seem as though it was rehearsed

Or a perfected crime

I could not tell

Because I do not know the end

For I must wait

And sit here

To pretend

That I know the truth

But the suspense is closing in

I want to say it

But my voice does not come out

I try so hard to spell it out

But my hand's quiver

And my heart breaks

For the world does not know it is about to shake

I'm on the edge

And it's about time

For I have learned another line

I simply wait

Until it's my turn

Because this whole scene

It is about to crash and burn

I step out

In front of an entire crowd

And take a bow

The curtains close

And this is it

I must tell the world

I simply quit

This is just a fantasy

It is not real

For outside these walls

It's a different appeal

You tried to escape

But you can not hide

This world is deceitful

But it still makes you proud

You sit there with all of your smiles

Hiding from the truth

There is so much more

Then what is produced

Open your eyes so you can see

That this world is faded

And an unspoken reality

At this moment, you don't believe

But look at what's happening

You lost your soul

Your mind is sold

And you have not looked up

Until you began to wither

And be old

The time is now

For you to see

The life you paid for

It is a daunting sea

You cant see the bottom

If you are always at the top

You probably expect

There is nothing but rocks

But pay close attention

it is so much more

Be a smarter person

Because there is a lot to explore

I hope this speech

Has peaked your interest

But oh how I pray

That you have the senses

That every day is not the same

Such a wakeup from this

Endless dream

That this life

It is not expected for you and me

fact or fiction

About the author

Amiya Gaston

Hello, how are you? I just love to write poetry and would love to share it to see if other people like it. Writing poems help me in such a positive way that I am hoping it will do the same for others.

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