Spark of Unspecific Quality


I could disappear into the waves underneath

Take one last breath and let the world fade

Go back to a place where I didn’t know me

And let my soul rest beneath angelic shade

If it could wipe away drops undulating down

Cradle me into feathers I always knew

Tell me I’m a jewel in the infinite crown

Take me out of waivering solitude

I could leave this plane of chaotic existence

And grow gracefully in a state of bliss

What it means to let go of an earthly stance

And be greeted by my ancestors’ kiss

I could look back on this life I’ve had

And know there’s no turning back

Once I step off the ledge of going mad

And knock dead my own heart attacks

I could take my own life if I wanted to

But the truth is, it does not belong to me

I could hear podcasts and speeches and not know truth

There are places here that still need

It is not my soul to give to the reaper

In fact, it is not my soul at all

It belongs to the universal spirit seeker

Living in your scintilla of life, patiently

Awaiting the call

Love always,


sad poetry
The Girl in Grey
The Girl in Grey
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The Girl in Grey

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