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Schizophrenia Poetry

by Leif Gregersen 3 years ago in social commentary
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Recovering From the Insane and Impossible

fluorescent lights

every nook

every corner

insidiously bright

each and every night

I try to sleep ten hours

wake up and smoke

if I time things right

the first thing I do is glue

myself to the morning news

then smoke and watch them use

my name like some verbal abuse

they talk about me, they know I’m watching

they know what I’ve done which

young girl I’m supposedly stalking

even the commercials talk about who I am

brought to you by the poet man

those cigarettes are the only thing

that helps me to understand

the nicotine hits me stops the voices

three smokes and the anchor man

is no longer such an annoyance

a breakfast that stings

my heartburn pain

in a few short minutes

leaves me hungry again

six long months pacing the halls

six long months climbing the walls

there was no crime and no conviction

just a doctor I hated with a power addiction

seclusion rooms they used for torture

given threats and beatings

worse than movie horror

the cruelest joke of that time and pain

all the things they did to me

the sudden realization came

in the end when I walked free

forever now I’ll take my medication

I won’t ever let the illness win I’m sure

or have to take a lock-down vacation

six months in hell was the perfect cure

social commentary

About the author

Leif Gregersen

I am a dedicated writer, educator and public speaker with a strong desire to increase awareness and decrease stigma surrounding mental illness. I grew up in a suburb of Edmonton, Alberta and have published 11 books.

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