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Scattered Clouds

by Mark (Mitch) Weil about a month ago in nature poetry
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A Musing on Self in the Infinite Universe

Scattered Clouds
Photo by David Ballew on Unsplash

A pale blue

Reaching to forever

The change to dark

To pure black

Almost imperceptible

Until it surrounds you

As you turn

Surprised by the change

Pinpricks pierce your eyes

Cold white light

Lanterns seen

Through the windows of infinity

Awe fills your soul

As you feel so connected

Yet so small

The walls of your life

Your existence

Feel paper thin

Stretched to breaking

Beneath that darkness

That impersonal chill

You push against

Those membranes

Bulging inwards towards you

Desperate to maintain

Your person

Your individuality

Yet your anonymity

Lingers heavy inside

Dragging you down

Into that eternity

As strength fails

And desperation gives way

To despair

A faint hue

Pink as a summer lily

As a cherry blossom

Opening itself to the day

Shatters the darkness

Showing you the path

Back to the light

To your strength

And as the sky finally returns

To that pale blue

That you love

That comforts you

Your entire mark

On life

Feels light as the breeze

Your entire existence is

Scudding along the horizon like

Scattered Clouds

nature poetry

About the author

Mark (Mitch) Weil

I am an aspiring author, both in the novel and short story genres. I have loved books and reading my entire life, and look forward to creating the same awe and wonder in readers that other authors have done for me over the years.

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