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scars left in lieu of surprise

by Chloe Rose Violet 9 months ago in love poems

a poem I had written for the man who saved my soul

scars left in lieu of surprise
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Bite down your bottom lip,

I held back all the words that I wanted to say.

Red wine stained both of our teeth.

Painted dark lipstick marks left imprinted on your clean-shaven cheeks.

Behind those sad hazel eyes, were scars left in lieu of surprise.

Follow this wicked tale, our story continues to unfold.

Regrets seem to be my largest collection of scattered things.

Light a second match, start fresh.

Set fire to start this whole day anew.

Black clouds cover my crown made up of entwined petals and thorns.

My brittle bones became black and blue from the bruises you left.

I thought this story would last forever.

Our moods change around like a ring,

I thought this rose-coloured dream would last forever.

Scars on my body, I found out at the end.

We ended up playing a whole harsh game of pretend.

Surrender and crash within the pain.

I’m sorry that I was resistant to change.

Scars left in lieu of surprises.

All I can say is that I tried.

Chloe Rose Violet

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Chloe Rose Violet

Writing from the heart about love, life, and everything else in between.

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