A Poem

The beautiful lady I called Grandma and her dog, Sassy


Oh how I long

To feel your arms

Wrapped around me

Holding me close

Never letting go.

How I miss your voice

As you’d sing to me...

Sing me to sleep.

As we talked about everything

And you comforted me.


Oh the memories

As I walk through the fields

Singing songs of love and loss

Seeing you wherever I go

Knowing that I am not alone.

Memories of our lives

And of our friendship and hardships

Because we were each other's family

But we are no longer together.


I’ll long for the day

I see you again.

For more singing and laughing

I long for your smile.


Because no English word

Can truly describe

How much I miss you.

sad poetry
Secret Permenter
Secret Permenter
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