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by Kevin Tennert 12 months ago in social commentary
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Our journey

Hark dear fellow, man of great might!

Tell us about your courageous deep fight!

I will listen with poise, no worries here

As long as I have my jolly good beer!

Your journey of wisdom is what we need

Please feed us with this gentleman’s creed

We are of great stature, we love to learn

A very good lesson is what we yearn

Alas I will tell you this fortunate tale

This honorable duty I shall never fail

Every generation had a wise saying

It must stay fresh to stop it from fading

Listen carefully or take a good pen

I only come around every now and then

It’s a long story, please stay awake

Pay attention and don’t make a mistake

We all follow a righteous road

It’s part of a sacred specific code

It marks our place in our society

To avoid the misgivings of impropriety

We have ideas we’d love to share

It’s a risky venture so please be aware

We’re different in every single way

To bring about a distinctive display

We begin in the classroom, a sensible start

It is here we should learn to set things apart

A fine person has been chosen to lead

To show us the way on how to succeed

They have control, we don’t know why

It’s not them, it’s what they supply

We follow a strict and careful plan

It will now haunt us in this lifespan

We embark on a new journey after school

How can we remember that lord of misrule?

College takes up a similar mutation

What has become of our education?

Forced to pay every single dime

It’s an entitlement, it should be mine!

Forced again to take that seat

Watch us now as we begin to deplete

Our only solace is a coma

We wake up suddenly with our diploma

Deep in the red, the limits are drawn

It’s something so painful to bear down on

We do what we can to make ends meet

Enslaved to face reinforced concrete

We know of the values of sacrifice

Confronted with the terribly upsetting price

We must find work, it’s the name of the game

The obsession is strong to find true fame

The duties are clear by every word

To deviate from it would be totally absurd

We rise through the ranks and achieve respect

So we thought for many years of being correct

It has us now within its firm grips

Now we’re forced to read its scripts

A house among others, a typical sight

It’s the true meaning of our great plight

No time for fun, we’re always due

Everything we use will always accrue

Our strip of pleasure is terribly tainted

Here or there we’re always segregated

In some way we’re all connected

From head to toe deeply infected

The status quo is not their fault

It takes time for us to grind to a halt

Take a deep breath and stay clear of the fall

Think wisely once and for all

Every single choice has an outcome

Every tall hurdle we must overcome

Avoid the trap and think out loud

Stand tall and for once be proud!

Oh worthy guests sitting before me!

Did you get the lesson right down to a tee?

I hope it serves you well, that is true

It may take some time to let it sink through

Face them hard and just refuse

It’s far better than being a recluse

All it takes is a simple infraction

From deep within comes great satisfaction.

social commentary

About the author

Kevin Tennert

I think expressing yourself in fundamental and categorical topics help create a more transparent, concise, and educational environment. For me, I like to explain key issues that dominate current events in society and encourage dialogue.

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