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San Gregorio

by Anna Cunningham 7 months ago in inspirational

lyrics to a song without sound

There was a mistake

my plans for the night rearranged.

What I cared about became obsolete.

I called for you, turned out you were waiting for me, too

Your back on the ground, both arms stretched out

Eyes, palms, facing the sky

You were waiting for me on an open field

Catching stars in the night

I asked you

To come with me

To San Gregorio

From the dark of that pitch black midnight lawn

To the crash of the waves there

we drove and drove

By the sky and the stars

you caught

To San Gregorio

I asked you to run with me

To where the waves and sand were one

Tiny glow worms were dancing freely there.

They lit up the night with their bright little lights

Tiny thousands under feet

as we joined their in dancing

On that beach

So we danced and danced

And were livin’ were livin’

By the light and stars of the sea!

And the little bright worms they

made us glow

In San Gregorio!

I asked you to climb with me to the rocks, to the sheltered wall

And burning burning burning

there we made love

You asked me to take you home

In the morning you were cold

You were tired

You had stayed up all night

In San Gregorio

And I asked you to be my wife

Such a light,

Sent down from the stars

Oh but you weren't ready to go

No you weren't ready to stay

In San Gregorio


Anna Cunningham

Longtime poet residing in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains

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Anna Cunningham
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