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Safe War

In Shadows Cast By Violet Dawn

By AjrPublished about a year ago 1 min read

In shadows cast by violet dawn,

A tale unfolds, a story drawn.

Of wars that rage with silent might,

Where darkness cloaks the realm of light.

But hark! A whisper in the air,

Of hope that blooms, beyond despair.

A notion born from hearts that yearn,

For battles fought with lessons learned.

For in this realm of Safe War's reign,

No lives are lost, no souls in pain.

A conflict fought with pens and swords,

Where dialogue replaces hasty words.

No blood is spilled upon the ground,

No mournful cries make haunting sounds.

Instead, ideas clash like waves on shore,

Seeking truth that lies at the core.

The battlefield becomes a stage,

Where empathy and wisdom engage.

With open minds and listening ears,

Resolving strife through gentle tears.

For Safe War knows the power of peace,

When anger's flames begin to cease.

When empathy replaces hate,

And understanding mends the fate.

So let us strive for wars like these,

Where hearts can heal and souls find ease.

In the realm of Safe War's embrace,

Where violence fades, and love takes place.

In shadows cast by violet dawn,

A tale unfolds, a story drawn.

Of wars that end, where hope is found,

And peace, eternal, does resound.

nature poetry

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    AWritten by Ajr

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