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Roses on my Mind

by Brandon Constantine 8 months ago in love poems
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Brandon Constantine

Roses on my Mind
Photo by Cody Chan on Unsplash

Living certain moments hold so much happiness and beauty. Then the moments metamorphosis to memories, now taking on the primary duty.

Memory becomes a moment when reminiscing of the past, but does remembering that moment provide the same feelings and emotions it did for the last?

Experiencing a memory identical to the moment In the past, your mind is seeing the future telling your heart there's more for you to grasp.

When hurt and sorrow attach themselves to the images in your site, usually reality no longer bestows the script we so much loved to recite.

Visualizing encounters that have already been approached, majority of the time its triggered by the present,that is actually being rewrote.All the variables connect to specifics in our life, randomly present themselves to us, manipulating our minds to flashback to the times,that made every step feel like we were afloat.

More then less our day to day schedule is the same routine we did the day before. It's the ones we share the routine with that creates the precious mystery when opening the same door. Knowing everything there is to know but finding something more. When something attracts you, you gravitate towards it, your mind and eyes will never stop its explore.

A memory becomes a present moment every time one is created. It develops a mental and physical reaction, that enables an action for it to be sedated.

Some moments stay present do to a moment never being innovated. Can't be considered as a memory if it's never been re-dated.

It's said that time is the one that heals when relevant surroundings no longer contributes as a present interaction. Time ticks on, surrounded by distractions, still haven't reached the state of satisfaction.

All that's around is just a link that is connected to its main attraction.

Time increases knowledge, gives the ability to recognizes truth and rare beauty.

only this specific miracle upholds do to the uniqueness that was bestowed upon them.

I have been graced with a priceless jem, Quality unmatched, impossible to beat them.

Mind and soul exuberance a brightness at such high intensity, the moon light above compared is a dim fluorescent. A heart that illuminates compassion and kindness,

darkness fades transforming into enlightenment. The gift to turn impossible to possible into countless possibilities.

the greatness inside applies greatness in others.The miracle that gives miracles the vision to see what they truly are to one another.

love poems

About the author

Brandon Constantine

i started writing consistently 10 years ago. the majority of my content are all my journal entries. many perspectives. I do want to apologize ahead of time for my grammatical & punctuation errors ha I kind of have my own style of writing.

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