Rose Quartz

Based on a true story

Rose Quartz

The rose quartz stabs me in the heart

It is supposed to heal me

I am deprived of human touch

The tsunami rolls over my soul

The aftermath, the devastation

I loved him, but he did not

The rose quartz cuts deeper

It's supposed to cure me

I am deprived of color

Everything fades away in the tsunami

The aftermath, the stench of death

I still love him, but he never will

One last final push, the rose quartz stings

It's supposed to mend my broken heart, teach me how to love


I am deprived of life

Tsunami stands tall above me, ready to swallow me whole

The aftermath, there is no more oxygen

I am dead, but my love for him lives on

Jessica Karnes
Jessica Karnes
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Jessica Karnes

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