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Road to heaven

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By DollyPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

The road to heaven is long and winding,

With twists and turns that make us stray.

But if we keep our hearts unwavering,

We'll find our way to heaven's gate one day.

The journey's tough, but it's worth the fight,

For the prize that waits at journey's end.

It's the light that shines so bright and right,

That will guide us till we reach our friend.

The road to heaven is not for the faint,

It takes strength and courage to succeed.

But with each step, we'll come to gain,

The peace and love that we all need.

So let us walk this road with hope,

With faith in our hearts and love in our soul.

For the road to heaven is not just a slope,

But a path that will make us whole.

And when we reach the end of the road,

We'll look back and see how far we've come.

And in the end, we'll find that the load,

Was worth the effort, and it was fun.

For the road to heaven is a treasure,

That leads to eternal life and grace.

It's a journey that will bring us pleasure,

And a smile on our face.

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