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by Don Lax about a year ago in inspirational



Planet earth is rising

Into new frequencies of light

And she’s inviting us along for the ride.

There is no time to hold on to old structures and ideas

Just leave your bags on the ground and fly

With the knowledge and total trust that

Everything you need is right here.

A song of tears and joy

Entered my dream last night-

This morning I woke with that melody

Connecting all the points of past and future

To the absolute perfection of the beauty of our present.

No analysis will reveal the treasure hidden in this miraculous moment-

Only full commitment of body, heart and soul reveals the code

Concealed for millenia in our genetic fractal spirals

Awaiting the perfect harmonic convergence

For the music written into our cells

To ignite our true awakening.

d. 1.8.2020

Don Lax
Don Lax
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Don Lax
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