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Rise or Fall

by Kimi Mormon about a year ago in inspirational
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By Thomas Mormon

Rise or Fall
Photo by Fabio Mondo on Unsplash

Take a hit and hold it tight

Exhale and observe these stars tonight

Life is going so fast

No good thing gonna last

Feel the good and void the bad

Take another hit; feel rad

This life is all we got; live it up

No sense dreaming of the end to give up

Tell me, what do you see when you look at me?

Is he a beast or is he friendly?

Am I doing something right or wrong?

Wrestling with these thoughts so long

Try to see the brighter sides

But I'm always aware of the ides

Turn the shit around

Pick myself up off the ground.

Go hard or not at all

I will get back up if I fall

Last hit to feel lit

My never quit game so legit

Make this life mine through the pain

You'll see me celebrating with middle fingers up come sun or rain


About the author

Kimi Mormon

I post true crime stories. I also post poems and short stories written by my husband, Thomas Mormon.

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