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Rise of The Wizards

A poem about magic and wizards

By The Sinister PenPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

Yes it is now finally time for the wizards to rise

from the ashes

Once cast into darkness we emerge to the light

to take our rightful place upon the throne

Magical powers and spells break through this illusion

and hellish illusion

Freedom is gained by the wisdom of the wizards,

No longer will we be silent

Chaos magic can be quite violent when unleashed. The Rise of the

Wizards is upon us

Free minds full of magic rise from the darkness no longer held

back of unlimited potential

Under the stars the magical bards weave mystical melodies

that heal your souls

The rise of the wizards is here!

Let us celebrate with a pint of ale in thine Stine

and Let us cast magic

and get drunk of wine!

performance poetry

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