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It was thrilling, and for a while so were you.


Oh how we happened.

We were a never ending ride.

It was intense, and exhilarating. I loved it.

It’s weird how I spent more time falling out of love than I did falling in.

I guess I get attached too quickly, but that doesn’t matter now does it?

Because here we go

The wind in my hair, the rush of blood to my head.

God I missed this feeling.

The ride was fun for a while, but then came the first loop. And then I could no longer smile.

If you have never been thrown through a loop before, let me tell you. It is not something I enjoy.

You are going along at this great pace, and then suddenly everything goes bottoms up.

What’s up is down and what’s down is up. Left is right, and right is wrong and

If right is wrong and right is left that makes left wrong.

Until all that you’re being left with is the feeling of being left which feels wrong, but it feels right. Why does it feel right?

So in the end things make sense, but not really.

And Ideally I’d rather be falling freely

But this seat belt is strapping in

It keeps me from fallin

But I’d rather be fallin

I want off the ride

Let me out now

Cut me free!

Oh please cut me free.

It’s too thick I can’t cut myself out

Oh well it’s coming to a stop now.

I get out, but my head is spinning.

I’m sitting, and I try to figure it out

God I can’t get past this

This feeling I’m left with

I want back on

To feel the wind again, that rush of adrenaline

I don’t mind the loop, but I’m lying

Because I’m quite scared and

I miss it even though I didn’t like it

It’s kind of twisted right?

This is how I used to be

See now I’m free

This feelin ain’t a part of me.

I moved on finally

It took time, but now I’m fine.

Thank you for the fun time, and I hope next time I can just enjoy the ride.

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