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i think i miss it...lol!

By Brenton FPublished 8 months ago Updated 8 months ago 1 min read

he was never gonna give us up

i got rick rolled at a funeral once

maybe i shouldn't have clicked that link

i should have had my phone on silent

and not ceased that awful stink

i got rick rolled in the cinema

again the fault was entirely all mine

i gave my number to a pretty girl

while we were waiting in the line

i got rick rolled at the hospital

visiting a relative who was very ill

it echoed all round intensive care

the nurses were all fit to kill

i got rick rolled in the library once

just ducked in to avoid the rain

i knew i shouldn't have answered that call

but the weather had softened my brain

i got rick rolled once making love to my wife

that was one call that i shouldn't have taken

Rick wasn't giving up; the wife wasn't giving out

and i was all blue balled and shaking

so now i'm banned from everywhere

on account of my failing mental health

so i just put my phone down the front of my pants

and rick roll my own fuckin self

he was never gonna let us down

performance poetry

About the Creator

Brenton F

Greetings from Melbourne Australia. This is me shedding some of my light on the places that are not often frequented. Maybe add a smidge of dark humour or a wee dose of irony and fuel it all with a strong flat white


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