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Richard Pryor is a Hero

A poem about creativity.

By Jacob CraigPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
via Variety

Why would you do this?

Stand on a cold stage

I want to do this

For the rest of my days

I need to create

I want to give joy

You don’t deserve the spotlight

You’re just a boy

But I worked hard

I’ve shed countless tears

Just to get up here

In front of my judging peers

The world doesn’t see me

For who I truly am

I just want to create

Why should you give a damn?

Y’all hated Pryor, Carlin, and Bruce

The greatest there are, without much debate

Yet they were belittled by all of you people

Who lack the irresistible urge to create

performance poetry

About the Creator

Jacob Craig

Stand-up comic. MMA historian. I can guarantee I'm the geekiest person you know. Men in Black 2 is the greatest movie of all time, change my mind.

Twitter: @jacobccraig

Insta: @jacomalfoy1

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