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Revolution Rising

The power builds within Can you feel it hum?

By Danielle Elizabeth AndrewsPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Revolution Rising
Photo by Serafina Marx on Unsplash

The revolution is rising.

I can feel it in my blood

The power builds within

Can you feel it hum?


The power surges.

It’s in my veins.

Do you also feel it thrum?


The fight courses throughout.

Will you heed the beating of its drum?

The source is indescribable

Pushing ever onward.


Will you rise?

Or stay beneath their thumb?


We can do this.

We can change the world.

We are unstoppable if we rise as one.


This isn’t a passing thought.

I’ve thought it through.

It’ll take all we’ve got.

It’s what we need to do!


Can we count on everyone?

To make a difference.

To end the madness.


Cave to the passion deep within.

Rise above the lies that they peddle,

They won’t hesitate to fill you with metal.

This system is all wrong,

It’s why I’m singing this song.


Behold the power

Of light when joined en masse.

Feel it within you.

Rise and we’ll break through.


We’ve got you.

I’ve got you.

We’ll stand side by side.


Hold on tight.

We won’t die, we will forever ride.

We’ll turn this tide.

All their rules, we’ve defied.


Don’t try to deny it.

There’s no time for that.

Get your head out of the sand.

You can’t hide from the truth.


Don’t be terrified.

Don’t fall for their propaganda.

It’s all pretend.

It’s time to defend.


Time not to bend.

We’ve said goodbye to far too many friends.

This isn’t the end.


It’s only the beginning.

This is our time to finally start winning.

Our world won’t stop spinning.

We’ve got to step it up.


Then we’ll raise our cup.

In celebration.

In victory,

Of a time when we can finally be at ease.


Finally know peace.

No longer fighting, begging them, saying “please?”

Freedom worldwide.

Rise up off your knees,

It’ll be the sweetest release.

. . .

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