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Response Abilities 8

by Seth Thomas 7 months ago in love poems · updated 7 months ago
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Crazy At(e)s Talks Ick

Response Abilities 8
Photo by Joshua Olsen on Unsplash

You have written about kissing frogs

but not all men are snakes and dogs.

Please don't let your belief in love

become what players fake it was.

Your prince exists, somewhere, you'll see.

Not that I mean your prince is me.

I'd love to be. I'd love to try.

I'd love to help you find that guy.

It's been decided, in MY mind,

to love you 'til the end of mine.

You do deserve to know your worth:

A PERFECT Birth on Earth with Purpose.

I'm a jerk; true. I'm a fool.

Ignored the rules when I was bored in school.

And sure, it's cool until it's not.

Until the thoughts creep in to plot;

begin to shock; begin to send you into rot.

I'm Talk-Sick.

I talk shit; got toxic thoughts.

I vomit lots, quick.

Been lost, since I lost it.

Walked to the top cliff,

at the deep end, I didn't stop or trip

What I did... a ninja-flip!


Yep, I just dove off it!

It's not a maybe; I'm crazy

enough to know you're the lady

who never met me but paved the

path to my mission lately...

to be a genie AND a lamp.

(You gotta rub me the right way).

NOT like the guys you find:

the type that hide behind night shades.

My light flames and flickers like the sun on a bright day!

So, put on your winter clothes and let's go build us a snowman!

Or hold hands as we ride slow in the No Man's

Land. I'll show you how to Let It Go.



You can fly on magic carpets;

get your wishes to come true.

I'm a Mag(e) with some ICK.

This Ninja-Pirate knows a thing or two.

I can show you that and more.

It's a war and you're winning it!

No limits in FOREVER!

Give everything and then a little bit!

love poems

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Seth Thomas


Seth Thomas is a self-contained asylum for corrupt entities and vigilante heroes; currently locked inside his own brain cell, being CrAzY Creative!


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