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A poem about my experience with some of my elders.

By Gabriel MohrPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

They always want respect

But don't give it themselves?

And then, why does everyone back them up

Like they're doing God's work?

Strange how older people stopped discriminating based on color

But simply moved to beliefs and age.

"Oh, you're younger than I? You're automatically underneath me,"

Says the sloth to the man.

"Oh, you don't believe what I believe? You must be lesser than I" they say, subtle as it may be.

They do not seem to comprehend that other beliefs may provide more wellbeing and consciousness than theirs.

I do not mean this as an extension of the game of superiority,

But simply as an observation of reality.

They are like children in a sense,

Stuck in their ways and unable to change.

But as soon as I treat them like so,

They get flustered and angry,

As if I made a poor judgment call.

"Don't worry little ones, it will all be over soon"

I think to myself as they approach the grave.

social commentary

About the Creator

Gabriel Mohr

Hey everyone, my name's Gabriel! I love writing short stories, spreading conscious knowledge, and positivity! Author of 3 books :)

Check out my website! www.gabrielmohr.com

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