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Resilient Rise

Defying Limits, Embracing Growth- ft Eminem.

By -X-Published 4 months ago 1 min read
Resilient Rise
Photo by Miguel Picq on Unsplash

Yo, listen up, it's time to hear,

Eminem on the mic, no room for fear.

I'm here to drop some knowledge, let it sear,

Work hard for the future, make it crystal clear.

In this game of life, it's all about the hustle,

Gotta put in the work, no time to tussle.

The world's a stage, we all got a role,

But success ain't handed, you gotta grab a hold.

Hard work pays off, it's a proven fact,

No shortcuts or cheats, just grind and attack.

Late nights, early mornings, pushing to the max,

Invest in yourself, don't sit back and relax.

See, the future's yours, but you gotta chase,

Break free from the mold, leave your own trace.

Don't let others define you, find your own pace,

Rise up from the ashes, show 'em your grace.

They'll doubt your skills, try to bring you down,

But let 'em talk, let 'em wear the frown.

Use their negativity as fuel, turn it around,

Channel your inner fire, make 'em astound.

Work hard, my friend, it's the only way,

To make your dreams real, no matter what they say.

Don't be afraid of failure, it's just a delay,

Learn from the setbacks, come back stronger, okay?

There'll be obstacles, roadblocks in your way,

But keep pushing forward, don't let 'em sway.

Stay focused, stay hungry, never astray,

Success is a journey, not just a display.

So, put in the hours, honing your craft,

Perfect your skills, make 'em gasp and laugh.

Eminem's spittin' truth, no need for a staff,

Work hard for the future, create your own path.

You got this, believe in yourself, my friend,

The world's at your feet, just reach out and ascend.

So, hustle hard, make your future transcend,

Eminem's got your back, till the very end


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