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Remember You

by Amy Christie 11 days ago in love poems
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My own

Locked behind sorrow door,

I tried to see the light,

outside it was nighttime,

the moon caressing dreams,

butterflies weaving new tomorrow,

waiting for dawn

to play

and sing

looking for shoulder to perch

for next wish,

next heart to love

and cherish.


I searched for key

to come out in blue light,

moon is my friend,

I called,

unheard, forgotten

I stayed back,

looking for moonbeams under the door,

one hand to hold,

one to surrender,

in love,

in trust,

I would take that one step,


in a second chance.


No echo answered doorway

until sun scorched shade,

silence turned into guide

I followed

steps quiet,

heartbeats in awe,

how could I hear words,

forgotten song,

when no one spoke aloud

except inside

my heart?


Another way to find compassion

came to my eyes,

I stood

before a precipice,

ready to glow

clouds beckoned for my touch, and yet,

I felt I had another road,

to take.


Fingers touched shoulder,

wisps of regret,

this wind turned into hail,

it chased my every step

inside a cave,

under the sea.


I called the ocean

and the moon,

twilight embrace came to my voice,

I knew I was the one,

still loved,

still cherished,

dew shifted rainbow

inside heartbeats.


Soul is at peace,

in rest,

waiting to run another day,

another turn,

in sunlight

or the velvet



Loving moonshine took me back to myself,

believing, I returned,

I stay on seashore

of redemption,

I will learn how to fly,

each time closer to clouds,

each regret I let go,

each sorrow

I melt

in the sea

of wonder.


© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pexels

Originally published on Simily

love poems

About the author

Amy Christie

Passionate writer and journalist, striving to create meaningful connections.

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