Reflections of Lovers in the Sky

A Collection of Soul Poetry

Reflections of Lovers in the Sky

Do you ever think about how lonely the sun gets

When it finally sets

Spending its whole day just clouds away from the moon

So close yet so far away

You would think they would be used to it by now

They’ve done this since the beginning of time

The moon sits in the sky during the day

As the Sun takes all the glory away

There’s no pain in that because the moon loves to watch it shine

All over the land, bringing life to every man

But there’s a burden that’s laid there

Because once the sun sets it no longer gets to see the moon

They don't get to dance in the sky together

The sun sets and the night drops

The moon shines but only rarely is she full

I wonder if that's why


nature poetry
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Michelle Stone

I write of love, lust, adventure, sin, and horror; bringing my dreams and nightmares to reality. Creating characters with abilities and worlds unknown. 

This is my human legacy, one story at a time.

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