Reflection of Self

by Lady Bird 6 months ago in inspirational

This time & space reality is an illusion, that keeps us asleep. Remember who you are!

Reflection of Self

Same face

Same body

Different mind . . .

My mind was sick with thoughts

Drowning the light with dark paranoia

Making everything and anyone against me

Even the one who created

My anger was everyone else's

My pain was bleeding on someone's face

My worry an ulcer in my vain

The ego was loud

Loud and proud to control me and the rest of my life on this Earth

Then one day I awakened

Awakened by death

Freedom called upon me

Changing my life

Bringing me up to higher light

I saw within me the power to control my own destiny

It's not for the faint of heart

Looking in the mirror

Shook me to my core

Have I created all this?

I didn't know

I do now

That reflection I didn't recognize

But it was me

I was there

She was small

But I could see

She poked through and who I saw I knew it was you

How lovely

How beautiful

How bright

There you are!

When did you go hiding?

Don't be scared

I'm here

I'll take care of you

I'll love you

I'll take you to exactly where you want to be

To Happiness

To Love

To Peace

You're Breath

I'll never let you go

Come with me

We can change the world

Lady Bird
Lady Bird
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Lady Bird

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