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By Business managementPublished about a year ago 1 min read

The ripples on the surface, of a still lake,

Reflect the emotions, that our hearts can make.

A gentle breeze, a flicker of light,

Disturbs the calm, reflecting our plight.

Anger is like a storm, that shakes the water,

Distorting the image, like shattered glass, shattered.

Fear is a ripple, that spreads in a line,

Disturbing the calm, of the heart so kind.

Sadness is like a drop, that falls from above,

Creating a disturbance, of endless love.

Joy is a dance, of sunbeams on the waves,

Bringing peace and light, to our hearts and caves.

So let us reflect, on the emotions we feel,

And embrace the journey, that our hearts can reveal.

For our emotions, like the ripples on the lake,

Reflect our journey, of life and its stake.

performance poetry

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