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by Zachary Boulanger 2 years ago in inspirational

A New Leaf #4

Photo by Mona Khaleghi on Unsplash

Redefine each moment of your life.

Redefine that perfect wife.

Think not with a vision past.

Find the One to make You last.

Don't get caught up with your name.

Don't get scared to find some fame.

Your only judgements lie within

and life is one thing you can win.

Be your self for no one but

know one day you'll hit a rut.

It's okay to think sad things.

Just know to slow down when it rings.

A racing mind will not be good

when doing what you know you should.

Find solace in the one you are.

Don't be scared to travel far.

Rhymes will always be there too

when self-care is overdue.

Nothing is a truer true

than redefining you and you.

Zachary Boulanger
Zachary Boulanger
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Zachary Boulanger

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