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Red Tide in the Punchbowl

by Justin George 2 months ago in social commentary
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America Slipping Away

Red Tide in the Punchbowl
Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

A tea party, an extravagant affair

Suits galore, dresses with flair

Coalescing their intent

To coax the one percent

A punchbowl of red tide

The delicacy of the ignorant

For those who shun gay pride

The symptom of the illiterate

Pistols served on saucers

Paired with Chick-fil-A

Children in the crosshairs

‘What a tragedy’ they say

They scream at the clouds

When the rising sea floods

Climate change is not allowed

GoFundMe for hugs

A woman lay in the Red Tent

In pain and suffering

Priests demand she repent

Unwanted crumpets ingathering

She was consumed by the rip current

Robbed of choice

Ousted as a dissident

Fleeced of a voice

A punchbowl of the red tide

The delicacy of the oblivious

Deaf, dumb, and hollow-eyed

A party of the ignominious

social commentary

About the author

Justin George

After spending six years as a hospital pharmacist, I walked away to focus on a better work/life balance in November 2021. I cofounded Elli Twy Publishing with my wife. Check out our work at www.ellitwy.com

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