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Red is for Family

The Riwa Project

By DiscoveringmatuPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Simone Dalmeri

I think about you fondly.

Not at first

but now I do.

I was struggling

and used that as an excuse to ignore your perspective

Im still somewhat selfish

With a better understanding of self

There is hardly thanks in goodbyes

or love in a fight

and distance

at times

Really a rupture of ties

When there’s hurt

Pain seems to cloud up the mind

In a better place now

But I think the distance seems right

I still love you

But its not like we can link up and vibe

And if you called

You probably a few numbers behind

Hit some walls, Broke through

Grateful living my life

Took some losses

some been through it a dozen a time

Miss your smile

And energy had me picking up limes


THANKS for reading! The name of this series is the "Riwa Project", My intention is post a poem a day, eventually releasing a book titled "Riwa" where some of these peoms will be published! Thanks again! Feel free to support me here with a like or follow, and you could also find me on twitter and instagram @discoveringmatu

All the best,


love poemsart

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Hello ~ Thanks for stopping by!

Currently working on: The Riwa Project/Riwa

@Discoveringmatu on Twitter & Instagram (although I dont really post...)

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