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Recurring Thoughts

By Jennifer DoscherPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Recurring Thoughts
Photo by Doug Robichaud on Unsplash

I want you to feel safe in loving me

After all, maybe, all that fear you feel

Is just exhilaration, just our magnetism

Without you in my arms I’m

Between rock and a harder place

One above and one below

You’re teaching me

Patience, faith, and trust

I’m teaching you to know yourself

To see your worth and power

Look through my eyes

See you as I do

The runner-chaser game ends here

It’s your turn; take charge

But not over us - over you

Don’t let fear choose who you are

The mask you wear seems safe

But the truth of you is more

Beautiful than you know yet

The hindsight brings me to my knees

Trying to harmonize head and heart

Balance my mind with intuition

It’s maddening; only the hatter would know

What more can I say

There’s always more to say

Just three little words

Do you hear them

Do they matter to you

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About the Creator

Jennifer Doscher

Every detail creates a larger image, just as letters create words, notes create chords, and even the most subtle nuance creates or changes the relationship of one to another.

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