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By Aaron JonesPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

Like spring’s breath on a summer’s breeze

You refresh and invigorate me, making me see the world anew,

You shake away the scales that have grown long and staid

Exposing my thoughts to the ideas of a new age

Like a tinge of moisture in a summer’s heatwave

You keep me moving, never letting me rest

Stopping me from stifling in humidity

You challenge me, forcing me to keep my agility

An autumn’s peace, I thought I had earned

A chance to reflect on what have learned

To retire and let my laurels grow

To watch the crops of the seeds I had sown

But, like the hurricane that arrives unannounced

You shook me and caused me to question all that I knew

Pushing me to new horizons and over the next hill

Not accepting the journey’s over, while I move still

You give me the flame to keep my candle alight

You give me the strength to continue to fight

Though words fail me, you surely must know

Anything that is good in me, is because of your soul

Thank you

love poems

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